A big housewarming for a big milestone!

Welcome (to your NEW) home, Kelly, Tara and Msholo! With the opening of the all-new African Savanna, you’ll see the elephants exploring a new and significantly expanded habitat to include the state-of-the-art indoor Zambezi Elephant Center. While Kelly, Tara and Msholo acclimate to their new spaces, you’re invited to support a larger-than-life housewarming – check out their gift registry!

Scroll down to browse and shop – there’s an item for every budget, and items purchased will be shipped directly to the Zoo! Thank you for supporting this special milestone for the elephant program at Zoo Atlanta.



Feed Pod Set of 4 - $14,600 (Need 1 set)

This is a specially-designed robotic feeding system for elephants. This allows the elephants to be fed remotely at any time without human interaction. 

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Swing Boom - $8,000 each (Need 2-4)

These elevated feeding structures are a great way to encourage naturalistic feeding strategies for elephants. Hay can be lifted high above the elephants, encouraging them to reach up with their trunks to acquire the food. Swing booms can be accessed and refilled by the Elephant Care Team even when elephants are in the habitats.

Stable Grazer - $3,000 each (Need 1-5)
This is a heavy-duty hay and grain feeder with a programmable timer.

Enrichment Ball - $1,496 (Need 1)
This is a 48" diameter, super heavy-walled polyethylene ball designed just for elephant enrichment.

Elephant Drum - $995 (Need 1)
This is a 22" diameter x 34" high heavy-walled polyethylene cylinder designed just for elephant enrichment.

Feeder Box - $965 each (need 3-6)
Extra heavy duty 24" X 24" X 24" box molded in super heavy-walled polyethylene in a single piece.

Forage Bag - $814 each (Need 2-4)

Heavy-duty PVC coated polyester fabric bag to hold hay or other enrichment items in the air or mounted on the ground.

Treat Drum - $795 each (Need 2-4)

This custom-made, all thick-walled plastic drum is ideal for a variety of the largest and strongest of animals.