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Scroll down to browse and shop – there’s an item for every budget and items will be shipped directly to the Zoo! Items will change seasonally, so check back periodically to see what’s new. Visit often to see your generosity in action!

Looking to donate a wish list item for our newborn giant panda twins? Click here for our special panda nursery wish list.



Looky Lou Mirror - $345 (need 1)

Our primates always want to look their best, especially for their adoring fans. $345 will cover the purchase price and shiping for the largest and strongest mirror we could find. It's primate tested and keeper approved!


Large Catnip Ball- $199 (need 4)

Lions, tigers, clouded leopard and fossa would all enjoy this delectable treat made of 11 pounds of compressed catnip. 

Browse - $105 (always in need all winter long)

$105 will buy 1 box of fresh cut browse imported from Florida! 1 box will be a special snack for all of our primates- loved especially by the colobus (our resident leaf eating monkeys), gorillas and sloths!

Astroturf - $75 (Need 1 roll)

No, this isn't used for low maintenance lawn care. We are using it for enrichment items, particularly for foraging boards for our monkeys. $75 purchases an extra wide roll of turf and our keepers will do the rest.

Ball Feeder - $60 (buys 2 balls: 1 for bongos and 1 for Outback Station)

Our bongo family, goats, kangaroos and piglets will LOVE this fun treat dispenser. $60 buys two balls for two animal areas: Hoofstock and Outback Station.

Bullet Feeder - $35 (always in need)

The perfect feeder for the tiny hands of our tamarins! Our keepers can fill this feeder with fruits and veggies and the tamarins do this rest.

KONG Treat Dispenser - $27 (always in need)

One of the most durable treat dispensers that we can find for our bush dog and tanuki brothers! This toy has a hollow center to stuff with tasty treats that require skill and persistence to get to.

Jumbo Hide Box - $22 (always in need)

Reptiles and amphibians tend to be shy creatures. Providing them with easy to clean, re-usable hides gives them a nice safe refuge to get out of sight in while in off-exhibit holding areas. Multiple sizes allow us to provide just the right size to make a happy hiding herp!

Light Enrichment - $20 (need 5 sets)

Let there be light! Our carnivore department would like sets of solar powered string lights and laser pointers for training and enrichment of our carnivores. $20 buys one set of heavy duty outdoor string lights and one laser pointer. 


Plastic Plants - $10 (always in need)

Plastic (not silk plants) help the birds have happy and secure nest sites! The bird team uses a lot of plastic plants around the Zoo to make visually secure hiding places for nesting birds and most of our current plastic plants look a bit…wilted.



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