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Crate Training Equipment - $525 (need 3)

Our Primate Team has requested specially designed kennels for animal well-being training exercises with monkeys and lemurs. Much like when your dog or cat needs to be transported to see a vet, we also train the smaller primates to use crates or kennels. These special kennels are constructed of heavy-duty materials and include a safety door.

Outback Enrichment - $114 (need 1)

Alpacas and petting zoo goats and sheep will benefit from this innovative slow hay feeder to stimulate both play and natural grazing. 

Hoofstock Enrichment - $105 (always in need)

$105 will buy special puzzle feeders and enrichment for giraffes and zebras for use in their indoor areas. This will cover the cost of specially-designed tubes, boards, balls and trays that test their skills with "tongue twister" obstacles to promote natural foraging behaviors while having fun and getting treats!

Orangutan Mirrors - $70 (need 2)  
Our Primate Team has requested a mirror for the orangutans for visual enrichment. Orangutans enjoy seeing their reflections.

Elephant Enrichment - $50 (always in need)
Have you seen the enrichment items hanging in the elephant habitat? The elephants love to stretch overhead to play with wind chimes, hanging puzzle feeders, PVC pipes and cargo nets of hay. By purchasing this item, you are helping to keep enrichment in the sky and our pulley systems in working order.

Primate Enrichment - $30 (Need 9)
We need items such as steel brackets and other mounting tools to safely attach enrichment to primate areas.

Scent Enrichment - $27 (always in need)

Our Carnivore Team is running low on our supply of scents (colognes, perfumes, spices etc). The big cats, fossa and giant pandas are very sensory-oriented. Being able to provide a wide variety of sensory opportunities is one way we keep everyone mentally enriched. This will purchase Zoo-approved scents with high-quality ingredients that the animals love!

Jumbo Hide Box - $25 (always in need)

Reptiles and amphibians tend to be shy creatures. Providing them with easy-to-clean, reusable hides gives them a nice safe refuge to get out of sight in while in their behind-the-scenes areas. Multiple sizes allow us to provide just the right size to make a happy hiding herp! This item is always in need by our Herpetology Team and our Ambassador Animal Team.


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