Zoo Wish List

By purchasing items on our keeper-requested Animal Wish List, you can help create dynamic environments for the animals at Zoo Atlanta. From enrichment items to helpful veterinary technologies, you can be assured your selection will greatly benefit the animals at YOUR Zoo!

Scroll down to browse and shop – there’s an item for every budget, and items will be shipped directly to the Zoo! Items will change seasonally, so check back periodically to see what’s new. Visit often to see your generosity in action! 


Bird Holding Area - $3,000 (need 1)

As the Bird Department becomes more and more successful in breeding endangered birds, we need more space to house them! We have plans to build a large, off-habitat aviary area specifically for larger birds, including rhinoceros hornbills and lappet-faced vultures, but we need help funding this project.


Outdoor Tortoise Enviroment - $2,500 (need 1)

Help the Ambassador Animals Team spruce up and build an outdoor tortoise enviroment with lumber, plants and spaces to sun.


Four Point Scale - $725 (need 1)

Have you ever tried to weigh a crocodile before? What about a 300-pound tortoise? It's not an easy task, but target training and an adjustable scale are super-helpful items when you do!



Crate Training Equipment - $525 (need 3)

Our Primate Team has requested specially-designed kennels for animal well-being training exercises with monkeys and lemurs. Much like when your dog or cat needs to be transported to see a vet, we also train the smaller primates to use crates or kennels. These special kennels are constructed of heavy-duty materials and include a safety door.

Tree Stand - $520 (need 1)

This giant handmade tree stand is cut from a single piece of wood. It provides several hooks and eyes to hang enrichment and will be utilized for playtime and programs with birds in our Ambassador Animals Department, including parrots.

Substrate Delivery- $500 (always in need)

Our sun bears and giant otters enjoy utilizing different substrates for enrichment, especially for digging and foraging (sun bears) and rolling, rubbing and drying off (otters). This item will cover the delivery of substrates such as dirt, mulch, or sand from a local landscaping company.

Solaira Heater - $375 (need 2 for birds and 2 for meerkats)

As the temperatures cool down, the Bird Department has found an amazing way to keep the birds warm: Solaira heaters! The department would like to upgrade their heating systems with two of these heaters, which are similar to what restaurants use on outdoor patios. By providing the birds with a reliable and strong heat source outside, fewer birds have to be moved inside for warmth during the winter months. The meerkats can also benefit from these heaters.


Belt Feeder - $300 (need 3)

Towards the end of the evening, the primates are ready to come inside for the evening, and they typically enjoy waiting near the buildings to come indoors. We’re looking at using these timed feeders to help increase visibility to our guests by varying the times that food is dispersed into their habitat.


Reciprocating Saw- $210 (need 1)
Have you ever wondered where the fabulous perches in Scaly Slimy Spectacular come from? We make them! That's right, part of a keeper's job is to make the habitats the animals live in the most naturalistic and species-appropriate environments for each animal. And a lot of times that requires building perching and basking areas. And to do this we need tools. Saws are extremely important so we can cut and build the perfect perch for each habitat, big or small!

Forage Cups- $202 (always in need)
These forage cups will allow the primates to explore their environment and help fulfill some of their natural foraging instincts.

Leaf Hammock- $201 (always in need)
The sloths would enjoy resting in this hammock that mimics their natural environment.

Carnivore Ball- $200 (always in need)
This item is a keeper's choice of one of the following enrichment balls for carnivores to roll, chase and play: 18 inch heavy-duty ball, a rattle ball, or a large catnip ball.

Hoofstock Feeders- $147 (always in need)
Giraffe, zebras and warthogs don't like to eat the same way twice! This item will purchase log feeders, honeycomb feeders and other puzzle feeders to keep them entertained and full of snacks. 

PVC Pipes- $125 (always in need)
The Primate Department has a need for PVC pipes and connectors to make a variety of puzzle feeders for the gorillas. These pieces will be used to create 20 Spinning Milk Crate Feeders and 10 Hanging PVC Feeders to be filled with fruits and seeds.

Target Sticks- $80 (need one pack of 4)
Training isn't just for mammals! We use target sticks to train reptiles like the Aldabra tortoises, slender-snouted crocodiles, Komodo dragon, and iguanas. Target training helps us safely work with these reptiles while building trusting relationships with them. This, in turn, reduces the stress the animals go through during weighing, nail trimming, and other medical procedures. It's a win-win for all parties involved

Live Plants- $60 (always in need)
The Bird Department would like more live plants to transform the indoor portion of the Avian Propagation Center into a naturalistic jungle for the birds residing there! This will increase the birds’ breeding success and improve their overall well-being.

Hanging Leaf Dish - $51 (always in need)
This hanging leaf dish will enhance our golden lion tamarins’ lifestyle by encouraging species-specific behaviors such as foraging

Hoofstock Enrichment - $50 (always in need)
By purchasing this item, you are helping to restock the enrichment shed for our hoofstock animals. Giraffes, zebras and warthogs would love new foraging items! 

Pond Liner - $40 (need 4)
Help herpetology keepers create ponds for many of the water-loving species of turtles. Who doesn't love a good dip in the pool on a hot summer's day?

Bird Enrichment - $20 (always in need)
The Bird Department is always in need of new enrichment items! The birds really enjoy mirrors, puzzle feeders, feeder balls, foraging toys and much more.

Hunting Lures - $15 (always in need)
All of our carnivores, but especially the big cats and fossa, will benefit from a variety of hunting lures to add variety to olfactory enrichment in their habitats.


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