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Thermography Camera - $10,000 (need 1)

Per the Vet Team: "A helpful diagnostic tool to look for and localize inflammation.  This tool is fantastic for non-invasively assessing animals from a distance in their own environment, and it is particularly useful for our biggest patients such as elephants and giraffes."

  Surgery Table - $3,700 (need 1)

This will replace the current table. It will be used for sterile surgical procedures in the Vet Clinic for smaller and medium-sized patients. 


Tamarin Tunnels - $3,650 (need 1)

This tunnel system will allow tamarins to move from one behind-the-scenes building to another to provide exercise, enrichment and safe travel between buildings.


Portable Incubator/brooder - $675 (1 for Ambassador Animals)

The Ambassador Animals Team is  requesting this item for a new species of lizard. The team needs this to transport the lizard to schools, libraries and other educational programs.


Crate Training Equipment - $525 (need 3)

Our Primate Team has requested specially designed kennels for animal well-being training exercises with monkeys and lemurs. Much like when your dog or cat needs to be transported to see a vet, we also train the smaller primates to use crates or kennels. These special kennels are constructed of heavy-duty materials and include a safety door.

Tree Stand - $520 (need 1)

This is a giant handmade tree stand that is cut from a single piece of wood. It provides several hooks and eyes to hang enrichment and will be utilized for playtime and programs with Ambassador Birds, including the stars of our bird presentation- the parrots. 


Large Herpetology Scale - $475 (need 1)

This large 3,000 gram scale is needed for weighing food for our reptiles. 


Microchip Scanner - $280 (need 2)

This is a universal reader for microchip identifiers. This will allow the Vet Team to confirm the ID for any animal with any type of microchip identification.


Carnivore Ball - $189 (need 2)

These heavy duty balls are loved by lions and tigers. Big cats love to chase around these giant rubber balls and we can never have enough in our enrichment shed. 

Hoofstock Enrichment - $147 (Need 1)

$147 will buy special puzzle feeders and enrichment for giraffes. This item promote natural foraging behaviors while having fun and getting treats!

Elephant Enrichment - $50 (always in need)
Have you seen the enrichment items hanging in the elephant habitat? The elephants love to stretch overhead to play with wind chimes, hanging puzzle feeders, PVC pipes and cargo nets of hay. By purchasing this item, you are helping to keep enrichment in the sky and our pulley systems in working order.

Primate Enrichment - $30 (Need 6)
We need items such as steel brackets and other mounting tools to safely attach enrichment to primate areas.

Habitat Construction Supplies - $25 (always in need)

Reptiles and amphibians tend to be shy creatures. Providing them with live plants for natural cover, proper high intensity lighting, moss and other substrates for proper humidity is important. Our Herpetology Team is always on the hunt for supplies to create habitats that are safe and enriching. By purchasing this item, you are keeping these much needed supplies in stock and ready when needed.


Bubble Bath - $16 (need 3)

Lions, tigers and sun bears enjoy relaxing in water and our Animal Care Team wants to make it more fun! Help bring safe, non-fragrant bubbles to play time!


Small Herpetology Scale - $15 (need 1)

This small 500 gram battery-operated scale is needed for weighing food for our reptiles. 


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