Zoo Wish List

By purchasing items on our keeper-requested Animal Wish List, you can help create dynamic environments for the animals at Zoo Atlanta. From enrichment items to helpful veterinary technologies, you can be assured your selection will greatly benefit the animals at YOUR Zoo!

Scroll down to browse and shop – there’s an item for every budget, and items will be shipped directly to the Zoo! Items will change seasonally, so check back periodically to see what’s new. Visit often to see your generosity in action! 


Stable Grazer Enclosure- $5,500 (need 2)

The elephants adore the automatic feeders inside Zambezi Elephant Center, but we need to "elephant-proof" the three machines so they can be enjoyed outside too. This stainless-steel enclosure will be custom-built for the needs of our elephants. 


Lizard Condo - $3,363 (need 6)

This is a multi-level condo for our critically endangered Guatemalan beaded lizards to play, hide and relax in comfort. This giant unit also has wheels for the lizards on the go and to help with cleaning. The condo is complete with special hide drawers to expand their indoor habitat.

Orangutan Mirror- $1,250 (need 2)

Orangutans enjoy looking at themselves in mirrors, and these Looky Lou Mirrors are durable enough to be hung on the enclosure mesh or inside the enclosures. 

Mesh Boxes- $700 (need 1)

These boxes will enhance the orangutans' and gorillas' lifestyles by encouraging species-specific behaviors such as foraging and problem-solving.

Large Tray- $650 (need 4)

These durable trays are used by the orangutans in a lot of ways. They build their nests in them, or we fill them with non-toxic bubble bath for playtime.

Pulley System- $501 (need 2)

Using the design of another zoo, we would like to install devices to allow staff to attach items up high on habitat to create arboreal feeding opportunities for the orangutans like they would have in their natural environment. 


Substrate Delivery- $500 (always in need)

Our sun bears and giant otters enjoy utilizing different substrates for enrichment, especially for digging and foraging (sun bears) and rolling, rubbing and drying off (otters). This item will cover the delivery of substrates such as dirt, mulch, or sand from a local landscaping company.

Universal Bracket- $450 (need 2)

These brackets hold puzzle feeders that require the orangutans to use sticks to obtain food. We have several inserts but could use more brackets to mount them for more groups. 

Parrot Perch- $400 (need 2)
This is a giant handmade tree stand that is cut from a single piece of wood. It provides several hooks and eyes to hang enrichment and will be utilized for playtime and programs with Ambassador Birds, including the stars of our bird presentation, the parrots.  

Rain Barrel- $320 (need 1)
This rain barrel is needed for the Herpetology Team to help create a fun and humid environment for our endangered Asian forest turtles' habitats.

Small Wobble Pill- $250 (always in need)
This enrichment item is for otters, fossa, clouded leopard, and binturongs.  This plastic pill floats on water and rolls and wobbles on land.  It can easily be modified to dispense treats or add a scented plug.

Timed release feeder- $225 (Primates need 2 and Birds need 2)
This enrichment item for golden lion tamarins will be used to offer different meals at various and unknown times throughout the day while in their outdoor habitat. This item is also requested for birds, particularly the nocturnal species like tawny frogmouth and spotted dikkop. This automated feeder will allow us to load it with a variety of food types, like live insects, and set a timer to release that food throughout the day or even in the middle of the night! 

Bobbin Toy- $150 (Need 5)
The orangutans enjoy sitting and playing on these wobble bobbins! They are extra durable for primates.

Hoofstock Feeders- $147 (always in need)
Giraffe, zebras and warthogs don't like to eat the same way twice! This item will purchase log feeders, honeycomb feeders and other puzzle feeders to keep them entertained and full of snacks. 

Artificial Plants $101 (need 5)
Help spruce up some Scaly Slimy Spectacular habitats. The Herpetology Department is always in need of artificial plants. They are good at providing hiding spots and climbing opportunities for many reptiles and amphibians.

Carnivore Enrichment $75 (always in need)
By purchasing this item, you are helping to restock the enrichment shed for our carnivores. Lions, tigers, sun bears, otters, clouded leopard, fossa, binturongs and other carnivores would benefit from these smaller keeper-requested items which might include puzzles, treat feeders, hanging toys and more. 

Live Plants- $60 (always in need)
The Bird Department would like more live plants to transform the indoor portion of the Avian Propagation Center into a naturalistic jungle for the birds residing there! This will increase the birds’ breeding success and improve their overall well-being.

Orangutan Puzzles - $55 (always in need)
The Primate Team has requested both metal and PVC puzzle feeders for hanging and climbing. This is a great way for orangutans to engage in natural foraging behaviors and have fun! 

Hanging Leaf Dish - $51 (always in need)
This hanging leaf dish will enhance our golden lion tamarins’ lifestyle by encouraging species-specific behaviors such as foraging.

Hoofstock Enrichment - $50 (always in need)
By purchasing this item, you are helping to restock the enrichment shed for our hoofstock animals. Giraffes, zebras and warthogs would love new foraging items! 

Scent Enrichment - $30 (always in need)
Our Carnivore Team is running low on our supply of scents (colognes, perfumes, spices etc). The big cats, fossa and giant pandas are very sensory-oriented. Being able to provide a wide variety of sensory opportunities is one way we keep everyone mentally enriched. This will purchase Zoo-approved scents with high-quality ingredients that the animals love!  

Orangutan Enrichment - $26 (always in need)
This category will purchase one of the following small enrichment items requested by the Primate Department: chalk, paper lawn bags, non-toxic bubble bath, large plastic buckets, large mirrors, durable plastic dumbbells, and building supplies for enrichment. The orangutans are very creative and enjoy drawing with chalk and playing with bubbles!

Gorilla Enrichment - $25 (always in need)
This category will purchase one of the following small enrichment items requested by the Primate Department: Alfalfa bags, boomer balls, quick links, Kong toys or dip feeders. 



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