Zoo Wish List

By purchasing items on our keeper-requested Animal Wish List, you can help bring a little extra fun to the animals at Zoo Atlanta. From enrichment items to helpful veterinary technologies, you can be assured your present will greatly benefit the animals at YOUR Zoo!

Scroll down to browse and shop – there’s an item for every budget, and items will be shipped directly to the Zoo! Items will change seasonally, so check back periodically to see what’s new. Visit often to see your generosity in action! Looking for the Zambezi Elephant Center Wish List, Click here.



Thermography Camera - $10,000 (need 1)

Per the Vet Team: "A helpful diagnostic tool to look for and localize inflammation.  This tool is fantastic for non-invasively assessing animals from a distance in their own environment, and it is particularly useful for our biggest patients such as elephants and giraffes."

Dry Food Grinder - $6,210 (need 1)

The Vet and Animal Nutrition Teams have requested this industrial grinder to turn dry food into powder and gel as needed for special primate diets and edible enrichment.


Tamarin Tunnels - $3,700 (need 1)

This tunnel system will allow tamarins to move from one behind-the-scenes building to another to provide exercise, enrichment and safe travel between buildings.

Bird Holding Area - $3,000 (need 1)

As the Bird Department becomes more and more successful breeding endangered birds, we need more space to house them! We have plans to build a large, off-habitat aviary area specifically for larger birds, including rhinoceros hornbills and lappet-faced vultures, but we need help funding this project.


Bird Banding Supplies - $1,000 (need 1)

The Bird Department is in need of a new set of banding supplies (bands and pliers) to properly identify birds. This generous donation will cover flamingo bands, metal bands, and a new set of pliers especially designed to crimp metal bands safely and comfortably onto the birds’ legs.


Dishwasher - $550 (need 1)

The Bird Department uses a dishwasher in our Avian Propagation Center. A dishwasher is necessary to sanitize food dishes, water dishes, and other supplies utilized in chick rearing. Having clean and sanitized supplies keeps our chicks healthy and happy!



Crate Training Equipment - $525 (need 3)

Our Primate Team has requested specially designed kennels for animal well-being training exercises with monkeys and lemurs. Much like when your dog or cat needs to be transported to see a vet, we also train the smaller primates to use crates or kennels. These special kennels are constructed of heavy-duty materials and include a safety door.

Tree Stand - $520 (need 1)

This giant handmade tree stand is cut from a single piece of wood. It provides several hooks and eyes to hang enrichment and will be utilized for playtime and programs with birds in our Ambassador Animals Department, including parrots.

Outdoor Tortoise/Turtle Habitats - $500 (need 1)

Our fantastic Maintenance Team are experts at making upgrades to outdoor habitats, but they need supplies to construct new outdoor areas for tortoises and turtles. Many of our critically endangered species are somewhat shy and enjoy privacy during their breeding season. Natural sunlight is also important to turtles and tortoises, so being able to provide extra outdoor enrichment space in the warmer months is imperative.



Large Herpetology Scale - $475 (need 1)

This large 3,000-gram scale is needed for weighing food for our reptiles. 

Solaira Heater - $375 (need 2)

As the temperatures cool down, the Bird Department has found an amazing way to keep the birds warm: Solaira heaters! The department would like to upgrade their heating systems with two of these heaters, which are similar to what restaurants use on outdoor patios. By providing the birds with a reliable and strong heat source outside, fewer birds have to be moved inside for warmth during the winter months.


Video Enrichment - $200 (need 1)
The parrots at World of Wild Theater have a whole collection of VHS tapes that have been used as enrichment, and it’s time to upgrade from our all-in-one VHS/tube TV to a flat screen. Our old VHS player has been great over the years, but it’s starting to fade fast. This new system will allow the parrots to continue watching their favorites and provide for new internet streaming videos on Disney + which they will adore. In case you are wondering, Larry loves “The Lion King” and Reko loves “Moana.”

Elephant Audio Recorder- $155 (need 1 set)
Have you ever heard elephants talk? We want to place two audio recorders near our elephants to record sounds. This research will be helpful to our Animal Welfare Team as we learn more about elephant communications. $155 will purchase two waterproof audio recorders and two SD cards.

PVC Pipes- $125 (always in need)
The Primate Department has a need for PVC pipes and connectors to make a variety of puzzle feeders for the gorillas. These pieces will be used to create 20 Spinning Milk Crate Feeders and 10 Hanging PVC Feeders to be filled with fruits and seeds.

Waterproof Gloves- $75 (need 2)
The Ambassador Animal Team requests special waterproof, all-weather, extra grip gloves for enrichment item cleaning and animal husbandry. Help us keep hands warm and dry this season while working outside.

Live Plants- $60 (always in need)
The Bird Department would like more live plants to transform the indoor portion of the Avian Propagation Center into a naturalistic jungle for the birds residing there! This will increase the birds’ breeding success and improve their overall well-being.

Elephant Enrichment - $50 (always in need)
Have you seen the enrichment items hanging in the elephant habitat? The elephants love to stretch overhead to play with wind chimes, hanging puzzle feeders, PVC pipes and cargo nets of hay. By purchasing this item, you are helping to keep enrichment in the sky and our pulley systems in working order.

Bird Enrichment - $49 (always in need)
The Bird Department is always in need of new enrichment items! The birds really enjoy mirrors, puzzle feeders, foraging toys and much more.

Habitat Construction Supplies - $25 (always in need)

Reptiles and amphibians tend to be shy creatures. Providing them with live plants for natural cover, proper high intensity lighting, moss and other substrates for proper humidity is important. Our Herpetology Team is always on the hunt for supplies to create habitats that are safe and enriching. By purchasing this item, you are keeping these much needed supplies in stock and ready when needed.


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