2017 Panda Nursery Wish List

The panda cubs have numerous daily needs and you can help by offsetting the cost of their care with some of our needs below:



Additional Camera ($1,500)
Love our PandaCam and want to give back to our pandas? Here is your chance to add an additional view to our webcam feed. Our keepers need an additional camera to monitor our panda family from a different angle behind the scenes. This will purchase an HD camera, microphone, controller, mount and required cables. 

Additional Panda Keeper Staff ($500 per keeper)
To ensure we can provide round-the-clock care for Lun Lun and her cubs, we have four additional seasonal keepers per month.

Technology Help ($100)
We need some recordkeeping assistance to digitally "back-up" all of our cub data. Your donation will go towards document scanners to track Lun and cub interactions along with digitizing our health logs. 

Uniforms for Keepers and Vet Staff ($50 per keeper)
We go through scrubs! All panda keepers and vet staff must maintain a set of clothes just for the nursery. The scrubs are washed/dried on site and never leave the building. 

Powdered Infant Formula ($30)
We want to be ready if formula supplementation is needed for our growing girls. 

Nursery Needs ($25)
To ensure the cubs are protected, vet and keeper staff are utilizing a large amount of baby blankets, scrubs, latex gloves, paper booties, cotton swabs, disinfectants, laundry detergent, rubbing alcohol and other related items daily.

Cub Toy ($15)
We have a need for small teething toys such as a Kong Tug Toy or a Rhino Puppy Teether which is both durable and safe for the cubs. Our keepers will pick the toy best suited for their needs.



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